Advice and support via Online Chat with a Tech expert is Free.


Remote Tech support via AnyDesk or TeamViewer priced at:


R95.00 - Minor Complexity Tech Remote Support.


R175.00 - Complex Tech Remote Support


Call-out "on-site" Tech Support in Polokwane priced at:


R275.00 - Polokwane On-Site Tech Support - Minor Complexity.


R375.00 - Polokwane On-Site Tech Support - Complex



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CCTV Support

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How we Work

Free Tech Support is offered through the CHAT function. Our Techies will assist you to troubleshoot and get minor issues solved.

Should we be unable to solve your Tech issue via CHAT, we can log in remotely via AnyDesk or TeamViewer to render additional support.


In some cases, our Support Technicians may be required to render support “on-site”. 
We render “on-site” services in Polokwane only.

Downloads for Remote Support

Download the latest version Remote Support Software.  Click the AnyDesk or TeamViewer logo to download from the official developer.



Get help  with technical issues and errors on:

Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Networks, CCTV, Power supply and more...


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